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Members of Long Island Senior Squadron awarded Disaster Relieve Ribbon with "V" Device

The Disaster Relief effort in response to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy were a credit to the members of the New York Wing. Since President Obama declared New York State a federal disaster area, and in acordance with CAPR39-3, 21g, the following members of NY207 are awarded the Disaster Relief Ribbon with "V" Device:

Maj.Stephen Caldas            Maj. John Corcacas          Maj.  Jeff Zinke                    Maj. Maurice Cosentino 

Capt. Linda Law                  Capt. Joseph Pizzo          Capt. Josh Podell                Capt. Jeff Rosenking

Capt. Edward Valenson       2nd Lt. Robert Gaba         2nd Lt Randy Lewis             1st Lt Ronald Alvarez

2nd Lt Randy Lewis was a guest speaker at the Patriotic Salute at Sewanhaka HS for Veterans Day 11/11/11

Below is the speech given at the ceremony by 2nd Lt. Randy Lewis on the Civil Air Patrol and patriotism.

Patriots–volunteer aviators during World War II argued for an organization to put their planes and flying skills to use in the defense of their country. The result was the birth of the Civil Air Patrol. They flew critical missions and are credited for sinking 2 enemy subs and rescuing hundreds of crash victims. Today we are the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and although we wear Air Force uniforms, wedo not conduct military operations. Our primary missions are aerospace education, cadet programs, and the main function of our squadron-­‐emergency services.

In the spirit of patriotism, Capt. Consentino, Capt. LaSala, Capt. Montague and I joined the Civil Air Patrol to serve our community with the skills we learned as pilots. Our aircrews conduct search and rescue operations, provide disaster relief and humanitarian services, and support the Air Force in non-­‐military missions. The Long Island Group was the first to fly over Ground Zero after the attack on the Twin Towers and from a Presidential order flew over the flood devastated areas after Hurricane Irene on photo reconnaissance missions. Our search and rescue missions not only involve aircrews, but ground teams as well, both of which members receive the proper training for. We also provide support for many local community events. We provide assistance at the Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk that Skills USA participates in each year and work on the airport ramp with the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds for the Jones Beach Air Show.

Members–pilots and non-­‐pilots–get the opportunity to be on a flight crew and ground team. So wherever your interests may lie, whether in the air or on the ground, the Civil Air Patrol has something to offer you. Please visit our website––where you will find a lot of information about the organization. You can also click on a link to find a squadron near you, go to a meeting, and do something Patriotic.