If you have a question about CAP or NY207, most likely the answer is here. If not, then please contact us.

What activities are available if I join?

Emergency Services, Aerospace education, Community Outreach, Mentoring, Media Relations and much more

Can I fly in a CAP plane?

If you chose to train for an aircrew position, qualify and come regularly to SAREXs you have the opportunity to fly

How much does it cost to join?

National dues is $66 per year and each squadron has a small annual fee as well. Seniors will have to provide their own uniforms and personal equipment.

Can I get my pilots license through CAP?

In a word no. If you already have your license you can qualify and fly CAP planes and keep current at reduced costs. Cadets however may work towards their Private.

Who can join CAP?

Anyone willing to give up some of their time on a regular basis, who has no criminal record (finger prints required) and is in between the ages of 12 (cadets) and above 18 (for seniors).

Is CAP a military organization?

CAP is an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and under the newly formed Dept. of Homeland Security where it gets it's funding and resources.

What training is available and what is the cost of this training to a member?

Any training program that the U.S. Air Force has to offer can be yours with pre-approval and at no cost in most cases.

Can I come to a meeting before joining?

Squadron meetings are open to the public for anyone interested in joining. SAREX or real missions are member only.

How do I go about joining?

We recommend you find a squadron near you, decide if you want to be in a cadet squadron or a senior squadron, go to a meeting or two, then tell someone in the squadron you choose and they will start you through the process. You may also fill out the form that will be displayed when you click "JOIN" in our menu above.